Ammunition for the Information War

The word "ordnance" refers to weapons and ammunition. But in the 21st century, most conflict isn't fought with gunpowder and steel, it's fought with ideas, narratives, and digital media.

For decades, anti-civilization and anti-Jewish forces who knew they couldn't defeat Israel and the West on the battlefield have focused their energy and resources on these new, non-kinetic forms of aggression.

Unfortunately for us, they've gotten very good at it.

Global antisemitism is the worst its been since WWII. Jihadist organizations have convinced young people that supporting violent Islamic theocracy is a moral imperative. Jewish organizations and business owners have been put on the defensive - usually either hiding or downplaying their identity.

Enough is enough.

It's time to fight back. To project strength. To demand respect. To stop apologizing for being alive. That's where Zion Ordnance Group passes the ammunition. Through words and pictures, we help Jews stand strong and turn the tables on antisemites and jihadists.

Arm Yourself

Branding and Digital Content: Locked and Loaded

Nigerian Christian girl

Jihadist ideology is devastating Africa and South Asia, as well as undermining Western civilization from within. is an online campaign that draws attention to this threat, while countering the false narratives about Islamism and Zionism that have infiltrated academia and mainstream discourse.

Bagels and Bullets logo

Bagels and Bullets

Positive, friendly, community-focused firearms instruction. That's the mission of Bagels and Bullets, an organization that hosts fun, safety-oriented classes and training opportunities for Jews and allies.

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Ex-Nebbish Initiative

Many Jews tend to be overly agreeable and conflict-avoidant. Unfortunately, this makes them prime targets for bullying and exploitation.

The Ex-Nebbish Initiative addresses this issue by producing content that inspires Jews to be strong, proud, and unafraid.