Our Mission

"Never Again" Starts With You

We at Zion Ordnance Group believe that it is the responsibility of every American to acquire the skills, tools and mindset to protect themselves in an emergency. This is particularly true for American Jews, who - according to the FBI's hate crime statistics - are increasingly targeted for violent attacks.

A long list of tragedies - most recently the mass murder of worshippers in a Pittsburgh synagogue - have proved that we can not be passive bystanders, waiting for other people to save us. If something bad happens where you are, YOU are the first responder.

Unlike other companies, we put our money where our mouth is: a portion of every purchase goes directly to organizations that promote the security and resilience of Jewish communities, and firearms/self-defense schools that are welcoming and supportive to Jewish students.

After every violent crime, people pray that it will never happen again. But "Never Again" should not just be a hope. It should be a promise that we will never again rely on the protection of others.

By practicing regularly, responsibly and safely with firearms, you are taking steps to keep that promise. By purchasing your ammunition from Zion Ordnance Group, you are helping others to do the same. Every purchase helps to build stronger, more independent, and more capable American Jews.